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Electrocardiography waa habka loo soo saaro electrocardiogram, duubista dhaqdhaqaaqa korantada ee wadnaha. Waa electrogramka wadnaha kaas oo ah garaaf danab ah oo ka soo horjeeda wakhtiga dhaqdhaqaaqa korantada ee wadnaha iyadoo la isticmaalayo electrodes la saaray maqaarka. Electrodes-yadani waxay ogaadaan isbeddellada korantada ee yar yar ee ka dhasha depolarization muruqa wadnaha oo ay ku xigto dib-u-celinta inta lagu jiro wareeg kasta oo wadnaha ah (garaaca wadnaha). Isbeddelka qaabka caadiga ah ee ECG wuxuu ku dhacaa cillado badan oo wadnaha ah, oo ay ku jiraan khalkhal la'aanta garaaca wadnaha (sida fibrillation atrial iyo tachycardia ventricular), socodka dhiigga halbowlaha halbowlaha oo aan ku filneyn (sida ischemia myocardial ischemia iyo wadnaxanuun myocardial), iyo khalkhalka elektrolytka (sida hypokalemia iyo hyperkalemia). ).

ECG600G six channel ECG is such a kind of electrocardiograph,which samples 12 leads ECG signals simultaneously and prints out the ECG waveforms with thermal printing system. Its functions are as follows:recording and displaying ECG waveforms in auto/manual mode;auto-measuring and auto-diagnosing the ECG wave parameters;prompting the state of lead off and paper lack;switching the interface lauguages (Chinese/English);managing the case database.

Faa'idada tartanka:

1. 800x480TFT Color LCD shows the working status and ECG waveform;   Touch screen and soft keyboard control, more convenient for operation.

2. 12 Leads ECG simultaneous acquisition, digital signal processor, to get higher quality ECG waveforms through the AC filter, baseline filter and EMG filter of the ECG signals.

3. Simultaneous display of 3/6/12 leads ECG waveform, and the state of printing mode, sensitivity, speed, filter etc, to be easy for interpretation.

4. Sampling twelve leads ECG signal at the same time,analyzing 2×6+1(rhythm  lead),2×6,3×4,3×4+1(rhythm lead),4×3,4×3+1(rhythm lead),6×2,6×2+1(rhythm lead)recording mode at the same time,and reporting with multi-formats.

5. The power supply includes both AC/DC. This device includes built-in lithium polymer rechargeable battery. It can standby for 4 hours, print 150 pieces of  ECG waveform and print 90 minutes continually under the best DC state to satisfy the need of visiting patients and physical examination.

6. It has build-in storage with large capacity, and can memory more than 1000 cases, which is easy for doctor review and statistic.

7. Under the review mode, you can see the saved ECG waveform, auto-analysis  and auto-interpretation of ECG waveform parameter, auto-interpretation conclusion.

8. Support Chinese, English, Italian and Turkish operating interface, can print out Chinese or Endlish, Italian, Turkish report.

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