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Xakameynta nuugista

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Nidaamiyaha nuugista oo leh Flowmeter


The vacuum regulator offers three regulator modes: REG, OFF, FULL to meet the different needs of the hospital.  Available in different standards such as DISS, OHMEDA, Chemetron, British, etc.


Mainly used for critical patients,the model SR-1 can be used for kids

Available gauges:0-160mmHg, 0-300mmHg, 0-760mmHg(SR-1)


Khafiif ah oo waara

Dual Scale mmHg,KPa

Large control knob for easy vacuum adjustment

The safety trap prevents overflow of waste fluid from entering the nidaamiyaha nuugista

Color code flow ranges that easy to read

A special feature of the on/off knob allowing quick restoration of a pre-adjusted

vacuum level,when the treatment is interrupted( SR-F2)

Inlet Connection: G5/8'' bull nose, CGA540, CGA870

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